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Scan for unsecured passwords in your Inbox

The most common form of reminder for a forgotten password is email, from your colleague sending the password over for an encrypted document to amazon sending a new password. Most people pride themselves that their password is safe and no one can guess it but what if you didn’t permanently delete the email after memorising the password?

Even after clicking delete the email is only moved to deleted items folder.

Dashline Inbox Scan is one such way to scan your inbox for any passwords that you may have forgotten to delete or deleted but still exist in the deleted emails folder. This currently only supports Google mail, Hotmail, yahoo and AOL and will search through the inbox looking for keywords, if it identifies any passwords in your email inboxes then it will show you a health status showing what information it found.

This aims to help restrict how much damage can be done should your email become compromised, if the email is taken you can still safely say that they can go no further and only need to change the password for your email account.

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