Purchasing, Software licencing & Installation

Purchasing, Software licencing & Installation


Purchasing, Software licencing & Installation

We ensure you get value for money

Our trusted and varied range of suppliers ensures that you get the very best IT equipment, software and services at competitive rates. We implement, install and configure where necessary, and can do all of this at a fixed cost at any level of granularity for peace of mind.

We have a strict policy of not having commercial arrangements with any of our suppliers, no matter how lucrative. We don't accept commission or referral fees for anything we recommend, ensuring we give the very best independent advice at all times.

We work with all of the vendors in the IT industry, and have channel relationships with all of the key suppliers and manufacturers giving us the best value for our considerable collective purchasing power.

Value added services that add value, not cost

We can manage other IT related suppliers on your behalf; telephony, printing contracts, hosting, internet service providers, warranty and repairs administration and even other IT companies.

We do this without marking-up their charges, instead encouraging vendors to bill you directly and only clearly billing for our time spent on their management.

Added value services

Bill and vendor reviews

We review your current and potential suppliers to find the best landline/mobile phone, printing and internet connection deals available. We also check the tariffs you are on against your actual usage to make sure you aren't paying more than you should.

We are completely independent and provide clear, unbiased advice on the best suppliers and tariffs or plans for your needs.

Bill review and inspection

We make sure your needs are met cost effectively

We help you navigate through the minefield of corporate software licencing, and make procurement a painless and stress free experience. When requested we take responsibility for:

IT Hardware & Consumables salesIT Hardware & Consumables sales

Software & LicencingSoftware & Licencing

Cloud Services & SoftwareCloud Services & Software

Printers & Printing contract administrationPrinters & Printing contract administration

Mobile phone and tablet salesMobile phone and tablet sales

Subscription & renewals managementSubscription & renewals management

Internet connectivity sales and supportInternet connectivity sales and support

Vendor managementVendor management

Bill analysis and reductionBill analysis and reduction

Software installationSoftware installation