About us

Who are EC2 IT?



We are a team of well-trained and committed IT professionals

We are a privately owned company with no debt and no external shareholders. We formed in 2006 to service the needs of a growing group of companies and quickly realised that the high quality and cost effective support we provided was unique for small to medium sized businesses. We now work with a very wide cross section of organisations.

We have a philosophy of hiring the best people, and then continually developing and challenging them to grow technically and personally into well-rounded, multi-skilled and happy 'IT Warriors'. This is the secret of our productivity, competitive edge and a well-contented client base - really, really good people.

We invest heavily in every member of staff. We have partnered with the global training provider QA Training, putting in place extensive annual training and development plans. This ensures that everyone's skills are developed and kept current and that our team have the correct qualifications and certifications to enable us to provide the breadth and quality of service across the broad range of technologies available today.


  • provide high quality IT services to businesses primarily in London and the City
  • are clear, cost effective and professional
  • help businesses get the most from IT
  • enable businesses to understand and control their investment
  • build long-standing relationships with our clients
  • are a good employer, providing development and a good working environment
  • grow at a sensible pace, always remaining competitive
  • work to best practices
  • enjoy what we do.

Our Clients

Our clients include companies from a broad range of industries and we work happily with a very broad cross section of people. We work with companies both large and small from any sector - the architectural, software, consulting, financial and engineering sectors to printing, creative and media organisations, fashion houses and property development industries, ranging in size from a handful of people up to hundreds of staff.

We also support project offices, setting up and then decommissioning temporary satellite infrastructures that can accommodate one lone worker for a week, or a full office for several years.

We provide IT services to these organisations to a high standard while making dealing with IT a stress-free experience. Our aim is to maintain a high level of service and user satisfaction while keeping IT costs sensible.