How to get started

Evaluating and working with us is straightforward


How to start working with us

From initial contact to satisfied client

Just get in touch by email, phone or online and we can informally chat through your requirements, taking your lead on the further nature of your evaluation workflow. Our usual process is to gather as much information as we can about your current situation and your aspirations for your ICT and required services at each stage to help us understand your needs to enable us to put together a proposal tailored to your specific requirements.

We don't employ sales people.

Our staff are incentivised based on satisfying existing clients, not winning new business.

With your approval we carry out an thorough audit of your current ICT infrastructure, licencing and current technical or operational issues at no cost or obligation to your organisation and meet with key stakeholders and users. We then present our initial proposal as the basis for a dialogue with the aim of shrink-wrapping the service required - and cost - to your exact requirements and putting in place a bespoke service package to meet your unique current and future needs.

We like to gather as much detail as we can at every stage to help build our understanding of your needs as a business, the needs of the users of our service and to build our knowledge of your organisation to help us better integrate and more efficiently serve you over time.

We provide clear and detailed information and documentation

We provide clear and detailed information and documentation as early as possible in the process to support your decision making. We document what we can do for you, how we do it and the standards you can benchmark us by. As the way we work is quite different to the norm we welcome the opportunity to open a dialogue in as much detail and for as long as you require. We provide all of the supporting contract agreement and Service Level Agreement documentation at the earliest opportunity as well, so you have a complete and clear picture, with no surprises.

We make evaluating, retaining and using us a simple and clear process. Should you decide that we are right for your business you can start using us right away.

Trouble-free transitioning to our IT support service

Transitioning from either an internal resource, an existing IT supplier or working with an outsourcing partner for the first time can be daunting. Not everyone may be as co-operative as you hope, or part of the motivation to improve your IT service with us may be due to having a haphazard and undocumented IT setup which may not be working as it should.

We have extensive experience with transitioning to our service in all sorts of circumstances, and always handle any given situation with professionalism, sensitivity and courtesy. And if all else fails in most instances we can use any available documentation and our own forensic audit results to re-create your existing setup in-place, making any agreed improvements along the way and completing your documentation where appropriate, with the minimum of disruption.

One-off IT projects or an ongoing relationship

You can use us for a one-off project in any of our areas of expertise, supplementing any existing capacity you already have, or retain us for the long term and build a strong relationship where we become as much a part of your team and day-to-day operations as you require.