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EC2 IT will have the following office opening hours for the holiday period:

  • Friday 22nd December – 8AM - 3PM
  • Monday 25th December – Closed
  • Tuesday 26th December - Closed
  • Wednesday 27th December - 9AM – 5PM
  • Thursday 28th December - 9AM – 5PM
  • Friday 29th December – 9AM – 3PM
  • Monday 1st January - Closed
  • Tuesday 2nd January - 8AM – 6PM (Usual service resumes)

As usual if you require any support then our direct contact details are:-

  • Phone:- 020 8142 4642
  • E-mail:-

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2024. 


Passwords, as a method of authentication, are considered to be the worst and most vulnerable form of authentication in an increasingly tech-centric era. Security experts have warned for a while that the use of passwords as a user’s single and primary form of authentication is not secure enough – yet password use has risen and remains the default method. This article will discuss why passwords should ultimately be removed from your company’s working practices and advise how you can better secure your systems immediately.

sharepoint logo laptop

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a web-based collaboration tool created by Microsoft. This article will look at how such a tool can be implemented in a business, its pros and cons and whether or not it is suited to your company’s needs.

Working from home

With the current increase in staff working from home, either by choice or by necessity, there’s no doubt it has become something that will stay for both the short-term and long-term. This in turn presents new security challenges.

Video Conferencing Teams Laptop

One of the biggest modern ways of working is being able to conduct meetings remotely – or virtually, through the use of remote video conferencing tools that allow you to attend a meeting from your computer. As such, it is worth analysing whether companies should look at implementing such a technology.