End User Helpdesk

End User IT Support Helpdesk


Unrestricted End User Helpdesk

An open-ended end user IT helpdesk service

Open-ended means exactly that - there is little or nothing in the world of IT that we can't help with. Within the terms of the service that you define we leave the scope of what we do up to you.

Computer, networking and printing as well as applications, training, problem solving, mobile devices, purchasing requests or making a request for a project are all chanelled through our helpdesk where you can expect gold standard service levels every time you contact us.

We provide telephone and remote control assistance, with onsite visits provided without premium or delay when required. Since all our staff are based in the City we can be with you quickly when needed.

Unrestricted does not mean uncontrolled. Despite great flexibility you remain in control of your budget and we tailor each package to each businesses unique requirements. We centrally manage all of your requests in our systems to ensure that the standards set in our Service Level Agreement are kept at all times, and we keep you informed on any works we perform for you.

Direct access to a skilled IT helpdesk support engineer

We don't operate a 1st/2nd/3rd level structure - all of our staff are experienced and appropriately trained so that when users contact us they get straight through to someone who can help.

We don't artificially queue helpdesk requests, though of course we arrange works around your schedule when troubleshooting or carrying out disruptive tasks. We avoid the overhead of non-technical administrative staff acting as 1st or 2nd line support analysts for our technical team. We are lean and efficient.

Direct access to a skilled IT Support team member

Our terms encourage your users to stay productive

Our terms encourage your users to get in touch and stay productive. We record & bill in sensible increments, meaning small requests are just that. For example on a flexible timecard basis we don't present you with a minimum one hour charge because a document has stuck in the print queue and jammed the print server - our smaller billing increments allow us to be used for a broader range of useful work.

We also don't follow the industry standard per-user or per-device 'flat fee retainer' charging system. We discuss the service you want and provide an accurate and bespoke package to fit your needs.

On a fixed cost basis we agree what you want from us and then provide you unlimited support to keep the systems under our care running smoothly. We can still provide you access to our helpdesk on a timecard basis for anything not covered by the fixed agreement. You never lose out.


We provide comprehensive applications support

We can assist your users with all of the well-known business applications - Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign and Creative Suite, Mindjet Mindmanager, Sage, Dropbox etc. and a lot of uncommon ones too. We can help your users get the most out of any tools they use, from AutoCad to zipping files.

We can also supplement niche software vendors - in many cases users have found it faster and more effective to contact us first. We can also deal with these companies on your behalf for the trickier issues, acting as your proxy when dealing with their technical staff.

unified support

Our end user IT helpdesk services:


Open ended IT HelpdeskOpen ended IT Helpdesk

Telephone & remote control supportTelephone & remote control assistance

Direct access to skilled support staffDirect access to skilled engineers

Flexible and fine grained cost managementFlexible and fine grained cost management

User TrainingUser Training

Software applications supportApplications training & support

3rd party support contract liaison3rd party contract liaison

VIP/White Glove serviceVIP/White Glove service