General Tips and Tricks to help improve your IT literacy and ultimately increase productivity in the workplace.


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Excel has a diverse range of features that can be utilised to make working more efficient and simple. For example, for every task there is a keyboard shortcut made to speed up production; some of these are shown below. Also included are a few other features worth knowing about in Part 2 of Microsoft Excel - Top Tips.

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Although simple on the surface – Microsoft PowerPoint can be a highly useful and productive tool for you and your business. It is still the most common piece of presentation software used around the world and therefore is worth knowing a few little tips and tricks to give you that edge in your presentations.

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Outlook Top Tips. It's likely that you'll know some of these, given the amount of time spent per day trawling through and composing Emails. However, to improve your productivity even more, we have compiled a list of useful keyboard shortcuts you should take advantage of, as well some other features we think you should utilise.


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