IT Service integration & IT Department support

IT Service Integration & IT Support for IT Departments


Service integration & IT Department support

We support other IT Professionals who trust us and our work

Some of our happiest customers don't really need us, and they know it.

When we started ten years ago we couldn't find systems good enough for the way we wanted to work, and the traditional IT industry processes were very supplier-centric and focussed on tightly ring-fencing what the IT company was expected to do - so we created our own.

We didn't want the industry standard systems and processes that deliberately restricted our workflow and throttled client requests in a way that kept us working to rule, artificially slowing us down behind the protective shield of a supplier-focussed "SLA". We examined every area of our practice and applied fresh thinking, automation and creativity to make it easy to do the job well.

We developed our internal systems and processes to help us maintain rigorous best practices and facilitate knowledge sharing, excellent record keeping, sound technical management and intelligent troubleshooting. It didn't just make us more efficient than our contemporaries or produce a higher quality of service. It has made us respected by our peers.

Supporting your current in-house IT team

We can help out if you already have IT staff that are at full capacity. We are able to assist during those busy periods with IT support or project implementation, or to add some extra technology skills in an area your team may not be experienced in. We can supply IT consulting services that enhance your current team's capabilities in a way that adds as much or as little assistance as required, as visibly or sensitively as appropriate.

We can also assist them to help tune-up your IT operations practices and give an extra pair of hands to ensure that your internal team gets the know-how it needs to operate as well as it can.

Holiday cover can be an issue for smaller teams - we can supply team members for blocks of time to be available on-site to provide continuous coverage for your users.

Having an IT member on-site regularly can be an efficient and productive resource. Team members can be scheduled to be on-site in blocks of half-days, from a half day a month to several days per week to meet demand.

Extra cover

A local presence for foreign IT Support companies

We are the choice of IT support for other IT businesses based abroad without a UK subsidiary who require a local IT presence for their London based clients.

Our own tailor made Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement protect both the client's and off-shore IT companies' interests. Wherever appropriate we can also white-label our helpdesk, ensuring the off-shore company's brand and presentation remains intact. We can also work as usual, taking direction from the local client as well as the IT support company - or follow whatever control process is required.

Partner support

Freeing software houses & IT specialists to focus on what they do best

Software houses, technology integrators and other IT-intensive businesses have one thing in common - they want to focus on what they do well, and not get distracted from their core activities.

They also expect the best in IT and know how to tell if they are getting value for money. We take away the stress and labour of all non-core IT duties allowing them to focus on the activities that matter most to them, and add to their bottom line. We also help support any infrastructure critical to their business model, advising and consulting as requested.

Additional IT m anapower for IT firms

Our IT company and IT department integration services:


Permanent or regular on-site support presencePermanent or regular on-site presence

Acting branch IT DeptActing branch IT Dept.

Extra IT manpower/holiday cover Extra IT manpower/holiday cover

Local support for multinational organisationsLocal IT presence for multinational organisations

Local presence for IT support vendorsLocal presence for foreign IT support companies

Additional resource for IT firmsAdditional resource for IT firms