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Improvements in collaboration will improve security

The popularity of cloud computing and mobile technologies growing has brought with it more security challenges – and experts believe that security technologies and cross-industry collaboration are key to security success going forward. 

Tamar Gamali, a security expert, says that “many businesses are failing to ensure their security technologies are aligned with the business” and believes that this gap is exactly where victims are getting exploited. He urges that businesses focus on adopting technologies designed to improve visibility of what is happening on a network instead of investing in preventative technologies. 

With the discovery that traditional technologies are becoming less effective, Gamali, said businesses need to be able to detect and react to intrusions quicker to help reduce the likelihood of intrusions spreading.

As well as monitoring and analysing security, experts have said that companies should be encrypting all sensitive data.
But the panel said security technologies and controls will never provide answers to all security challenges.

Information security education

“Education and awareness of the importance of information security as well as the threats and risks is always going to be important,” said Markus Kluge, head of information security at Unwire in Denmark.

“But we should not only be looking at educating adults in the workplace. This is something that needs to be addressed early on in children as young as seven,” he said.