IT Infrastructure Enhancements & Open Projects

IT Infrastructure Enhancements & Open Projects


Infrastructure Enhancements & Open Projects

IT Projects to help you grow every step of the way

We support your growing and changing requirements with carefully chosen projects to enhance your productivity, communications capabilities and capacity.

As your business grows, your needs evolve or your systems age we will maintain, add to or rejuvenate your IT as necessary. We will work with you to specify cost-effective improvements to ensure that it grows with you and stays fit for purpose, explaining everything so that you remain informed and in control. This can range from upgrades to existing equipment to breaking out and growing individual key services onto their own infrastructure, or implementing new services and technologies with appropriate training and support.

Whether hosted on your own premises or in the cloud, or a hybrid solution encompassing the best of both worlds, we can implement, support and manage the critical infrastructure your business needs to function.

It's open-ended - there's no limit to the projects we can provide, or the technologies we can implement. The only restriction from our side is that they should add value and efficiency, and make your business better for having them.

The basic and not so basic components of a successful business

From file, email and database server setup, scaling and management to your company's online presence we can provide for all of your needs in one place. As your organisation's capability matures so traditionally does the breadth of its requirements to satisfy a greater range of operational and management needs.

We can expand your network securely to encompass multiple sites and remote and mobile workers, or put in place systems to share knowledge and data more effectively.

One of the most powerful productivity enhancements a company can undertake is to invest in custom software tailored to how you work. We analyse your current business processes, help you set out what you want to achieve and then develop, test and document a solution to increase your productivity.

We help to provide structure, automation, reliability and quality reporting to your critical processes.

Broad range of IT services and projects

Starting up, adding on or moving out

Starting up a business or new office can be a daunting task - with so much else to concentrate on you just want the IT systems to magically appear and work, letting you get on with what you are good at.

We offer a range of IT start-up services to suit any situation - from getting you going quickly and inexpensively to a comprehensive start-up package covering every aspect of your new infrastructure and services ready for a larger workgroup.

For established organisations we can also specify and implement complete systems including all hardware, software and communications requirements as part of an integrated turnkey office fit-out.

If you are setting up a new office, moving or expanding we will have your office ready to go from 7:59 a.m. on the first day you get the keys.

Office setups and office moves

Transparent, efficient and intelligent

Every piece of work we do for you is thoroughly and clearly documented, allowing you to review the works in hand to ensure you are clear as to the need, purpose and benefits involved. We leave you completely in control of your IT.

We schedule the works and plan any implementation to minimise disruption to your business, and work with key users and stakeholders to ensure that everyone is kept informed and the best outcome is achieved.

We manage any projects intelligently and handle any complexity, unforseen problems and complications rarely troubling you with problems once work begins. And if we do we make sure it's with a range of potential solutions and workarounds to discuss.

We implement projects successfully, and quietly.

Excellent project documentation

Whether à la carte or off-menu, we'll keep you growing

From the fundamental elements of your IT systems to advanced initiatives like enhancing efficiency and reporting through developing your own bespoke software for your business, we have the building blocks required to keep you going:

Equipment and Network upgrades and repairEquipment and Network upgrades and repair

Infrastructure improvement projectsInfrastructure improvement projects

Complete start-up packagesComplete start-up packages

Office MovesOffice Moves

Website design and maintenanceWebsite design and maintenance

Virtual Private NetworksVirtual Private Networks

IT fit outs & turnkey officesIT fit outs & turnkey offices

Intranet developmentIntranet development

Cabling and power installationsCabling and power installations

Custom software developmentCustom software development

Branch/Project/Site office setupBranch/Project/Site office setup

Software testing & evaluationSoftware testing & evaluation

Systems IntegrationSystems Integration

Document & Knowledge management systemsDocument & Knowledge management systems