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Dell software exposes security flaw

Dell has admitted that it as unintentionally installed software on their machines that contains a serious security flaw that can be taken advantage of.

iPhone code leak

iPhone code leaked

The iPhone’s operating system source code has apparently been leaked online.

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Microsoft Outlook – top tips

Outlook Top Tips. It's likely that you'll know some of these, given the amount of time spent per day trawling through and composing Emails. However, to improve your productivity even more, we have compiled a list of useful keyboard shortcuts you should take advantage of, as well some other features we think you should utilise.


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Master your Web Browser - Top Tips

This will be the first of many Productivity Knowledgebase articles that contain a range of tips and useful suggestions that will help increase productivity for a specific, common workplace technology.

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Delete all traces of yourself from the web

Swedish developers, Wille Dalhlbo and Linus Unneback, have created a website that allows you to remove your online footprint by collecting all your accounts and deleting them.

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Customer relationship management (CRM) top priority for UK

A computer weekly survey has found that customer relationship management (CRM) is predicted to be the number one priority for IT systems buyers in the UK in 2017, in terms of packaged business applications.


Can poor broadband be compensated?

Figuring out how to get compensation for a poor broadband service, isn’t always as easy as it should be!


BT and Virgin to increase broadband cost

Ofcom has been warned that new rulings to business broadband will result in price surges.

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UK consumers want more protection on data

Symantec’s State of Privacy report has found that consumers in the UK don’t believe that the government and businesses do enough to ensure their data is secure.

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Crucial Windows 10 update to be announced

Microsoft are to deliver one of their most important speeches in recent times.

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud stores deleted browsing history

If you're currently setup with an Apple ID, you'll need to take a bit more care when deleting your browser history. It has been found that iCloud will store your history indefinitely – which raises serious privacy and security questions for apple.

UK homes not up to scratch with broadband speeds

5% of UK homes not up to scratch with broadband speeds

A recent report carried out by Ofcom’s Connected Nations has highlighted speed and connectivity improvements in the UK – but there are still companies and houses out there that still don’t have good enough broadband speeds.

Microsoft cloud

MS cloud users to have private network access

Microsoft have announced they are offering cloud users private network connections to datacentres in the UK.


Locky Ransomware

A new family of ransomware has come about called Locky Ransomware. While it follows the same pattern as other Ransomware by encrypting local files and holding the private encryption keys at ransom, the deployment has some minor differences.


The disabled not being considered when purchasing IT

A recent study has called for the IT industry to consider the needs of disabled people when commencing new procurements.

The Business Disability Forum (BDF), conducted a study that found that most of enterprise IT purchasers, and some suppliers, are not taking into consideration the needs of disabled people when making purchasing decisions.

Cyber security

College to train upcoming cyber experts

The park where Alan Turing solved the Enigma code during WWII is to host a Cyber Security College that will help nurture the talent of young people that aim to have a future in cyber security

The college will be the UK’s first National College of Cyber Security when it opens in 2018.

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What caused Samsung phones to explode?

Samsung have finally announced the answers to what caused the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones to explode.


Yahoo data breach was larger than first thought

The data breach happened in 2014 and is likely to have been carried out in a state-sponsored attack.

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What is 5g and when will we see it rolled out?

Mobile data use has almost doubled in the past two years, increasing 74 per cent alone in 2015 – taking the overall global figure averaging to around 3.7 exabytes per month. Which is an exorbitant amount.

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Two-thirds of big UK businesses targeted by cyber criminals

Cyber Security Breaches Survey has found that two-thirds of large UK enterprises have been victims of a cyber-attack in the last year.

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Samsung to release bendy smartphones

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is considering introducing two new ‘bendable’ smart phones sometime in 2017.

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WhatsApp locks down communications

Instant communication giant WhatsApp has confirmed that End-to-End encryption will be applied to all its services.

Office relocation

Office relocation? We're experts at the "silent office move"

We recently completed a high-profile office move/expansion project, integrating a client's operations with a foreign branch office - based in Africa.

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Ofcom decides to not force Openreach out of BT

After long discussions between Ofcom and BT, Ofcom has finally decided Openreach will remain part of BT.


BT to create health and social care system

BT is to create a centralised system that compiles information from both social and health care systems, in Islington.


Verizon vying for yahoo stakes

It has been predicted that Yahoo will not place its 15% Alibaba holding in a separate company, and instead focus on its core business. However, this could include selling off most of Yahoo, which has sparked interest from Verizon to acquire these assets if they are for sale.

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Symantec state that Apple is next on hit-list

Leading security firm, Symantec, has vocalised its concerns about the growing popularity of malware designed to target OS X and IOS (Apple’s mobile operating system). Symantec states that the amount of malware has almost doubled this year.

Service alert

Consumers could face broadband issues on Christmas day, one of the UK’s leading broadband comparison groups, has warned that the expected increase in network connected devices on Christmas day could lead to a network standstill over the holidays.

Android security

Android security is better, but companies should be prudent

Companies need to consider the risks as well as the benefits of Android’s operating system, warn experts.

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Windows based PC’s still first choice for business

Windows based laptops and hybrids are still likely to be the most common type of device used in business despite decline in sales.

Cyber security

Improvements in collaboration will improve security

The popularity of cloud computing and mobile technologies growing has brought with it more security challenges – and experts believe that security technologies and cross-industry collaboration are key to security success going forward. 

Google cloud apps

Google cloud apps to be free for new customers

Google have promised new customers free use of their Google Apps while they wait for their contract with current productivity suite provider to expire.

British Telecom

BT Openreach increases services deal with Infosys

BT Openreach is adopting Infosys software platform to improve support for its engineers and customers.

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Vodafone challenges EE for best London coverage

Mobile analytics company RootMetrics, has published recent statistics that show Vodafone has improved its coverage in London drastically.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks continue to grow in popularity

Studies conducted by Intel Security discovered that up to 94% of users were unable to tell the difference between genuine emails and a phishing attempt.

Windows 10

Windows 10 - Microsoft continues rule over business market

Businesses migrating to Windows 10 Enterprise edition, are promised a much smoother upgrade than in the past.

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Innovations on display at Imagine Festival in Milton Keynes

The Imagine Festival in Milton Keynes highlighted the potential of technology to revolutionise the way we move. A variety of young entrepreneurs gathered under one roof to offer creative solutions to 21st-century travel dilemmas.

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Windows 10 - last Windows OS release?

In what at first glance seems to be a fairly odd move Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be their last ever edition of Windows.

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London start-ups lacking support

Start-ups need more support if London’s digital economy is to develop, according to business leaders at Westminster Policy Forum.


Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2015

The latest release of news bulletins have been released from Microsoft for April 2015 and ten out of eleven are related to vulnerabilities with the windows OS. Three of these could allow remote code execution, in this the limitation of how destructive it can be is what privileges the compromised account has.