Backups, Security & Resilience

Backup systems, IT Security & Resilient Infrastructure


Backups, Security & Resilience

Data Security and Productivity Protection

Protecting your data, securing your systems and ensuring they remain operational in the face of adversity are our main priorities. We integrate IT security awareness into everything we do. We take a broad view of the threats facing your IT and data, pragmatically addressing technical as well as non-technical problems.

We will alert you to any potential problems from trending issues to changes in legislation - including the GDPR and the Data Protection Act - that may affect you.

Equally as important as any technical considerations we recognise and can help you manage the most important human factors; appropriate and clear IT policies, practical user training and maintaining a vigilant awareness of current threats.

We understand how to configure and manage your IT to protect you properly and we never use scare tactics or sow fear, uncertainty or doubt to sell unnecessary products or services.

We have broad backup expertise for peace of mind

Data backups are vital in ensuring that, should the worst happen, your business can make a full recovery with the minimum of downtime. We can make your critical infrastructure resilient to failure, and implement either onsite or offsite backup and disaster recovery.

We can set up a wide array of backup regimes including cloud, tape, site-to-site or private cloud ensuring that backups are stored offsite wherever possible for extra reassurance. We rigorously monitor backup activity to ensure that when you need them most, they're available.... and that they work.

Data Backup expertise

IT Security is integral to all of our activities

We factor the safety of your data into everything we do. We discuss what approach is appropriate for your organisation, as one size doesn't always fit every company. We work with you to ensure your data and users remain as secure as they should be.

We utilise industry standard tools, techniques and firewalls to safeguard your business and to keep your data protected from cyber threats both internal and external to your organisation and update them regularly to ensure you are always protected.

We can carry out initial and periodic audits and penetration tests to make sure your systems are watertight, and action any findings highlighted. This can include business process/policy related issues for which we will make sensible and practical recommendations taking into account our understanding of your business.

IT Security team

Resilient and redundant infrastructure to keep you working

If you are especially sensitive to downtime we can mirror essential data and services to redundant internal servers or to another live location for emergency access should your main office IT become inaccessible.

In order to ensure the maximum protection and uptime for your IT we can install Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to protect key equipment (servers, key-worker workstations and networking equipment) from power surges or  outages, and review your physical infrastructure - including your comms room environment if you have one - fitness for purpose and reliability.

We take a practical no-nonsense approach, demystifying myths and identifying and addressing real issues.

resilient IT systems and IT services

Our IT security, backup and disaster recovery services:



Security auditsInfrastructure and process audits

Offsite and disaster recovery systemsOffsite backup and disaster recovery

Business continuityBusiness continuity consulting

Resilient Systems setup and managementResilient infrastructure setup and management

Patch management and updating of serversPatch management and updating of servers

UPS installationUPS installation

Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware software Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware software

Firewall configuration and consultingFirewall configuration and consulting

Security consultingIT Security