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iPhone code leaked

The iPhone’s operating system source code has apparently been leaked online.

Leak seems to be authentic

The code appears to be genuine, according to security researchers, and has been taken from the “iBoot” part of the operating system – which deals with how the operating system is booted up when it is switched on.

The leak was initially published on GitHub – but has since been taken down due to copyright issues. This suggests that Apple knows that it is genuine, and therefore wanted it taken down immediately.

iPhone expert, Jonathan Levin, believes the code is authentic, but isn’t sure if the leak came from inside Apple or not. Regardless of where it came from, he considers this to be “the biggest leak in history”.

Good news for hackers

While the source code is for the out of date iOS 9, it is likely that more up to date iOS versions will largely consist of similar code.

The leak could prove to be invaluable to potential cyber criminals as they could use it to help create new ways of attacking Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS.

Chief Technology Officer at Redscan, Andy Kays, stated the following:

“The release of the iBoot code demonstrates that vendors can't take it for granted that source code will always remain hidden. Vendors relying excessively on code obfuscation to maintain the security of their products will always be vulnerable to leaks."

Andy Kays also added that Apple has improved the protection of its products over the years "so users of its latest devices don't need to be unduly concerned by the release of the iBoot firmware."


As the source code is from an older iOS, make sure your phone is up to date so it has the latest iOS.

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