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EC2 IT can supply all of your organisation's IT needs: computer systems set-up, support, monitoring & management, an ultra-responsive helpdesk, IT consulting, management and strategy as well as the capability to deliver the range of IT projects your business needs to stay competitive and productive.

We work hard to ensure that we provide City of London based SMEs with a gold-standard 24x7 IT Support service. We are transparent and vendor-neutral, impartially providing the best in Cloud Services, Networking, Communications and Backup Systems as well as Printing, Licencing, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery and IT Security.

We work with a broad range of business partners without being tied to any particular vendor and our terms are the most flexible, fairest and clearest in the industry. We can work on a fixed cost unlimited support or timecard based agreement - or somewhere in between.

100% London IT Support - we are centrally based in the City

Based centrally right beside Liverpool Street Station we're close at hand in the heart of the Square Mile. When you and your systems need us for the best in IT Support, we’re there. From a basic computer support and systems monitoring service to a bespoke fully managed outsourcing arrangement we keep businesses, large and small, running smoothly.

We tailor our services to provide a fully bespoke support package to suit your needs, backed by a simple, clear and effective Service Level Agreement. Get in touch today.

Our IT Services - we cover your technical, managerial and commercial needs

London IT Support

24x7 IT Support

We provide and maintain the reliable IT bedrock for your business, constantly monitoring and managing your servers, systems and network.

We ensure that you get the most out of your systems, that they remain reliable and that you understand how they can be developed to best serve you.

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Organisational & Enterprise services

Organisational & Enterprise services

We integrate with your management team seamlessly, assisting with a broad range of consultative, strategic, planning and management activities.

We assign you a dedicated IT manager to discuss your current and future IT needs and project manage your IT initiatives.

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Unrestricted helpdesk

Unrestricted helpdesk

Give your users access to all the support, training and projects they need. We can handle any and all IT related requests through our multi-skilled and highly trained team.

Unrestricted doesn't mean uncontrolled costs however. We can tailor each support package to your exact requirements, leaving you completely in control.

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Infrastructure Enhancements and Projects

IT improvements & Projects

We will work with you to specify cost-effective improvements to your IT, ensuring that it grows with you and stays more than fit for purpose.

From new servers, networking equipment and phone systems to websites, bespoke software, collaboration tools and beyond we've got you covered.

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Cloud services

Cloud services

Whether you currently have a cloud presence or are considering migrating some or all of your systems, we can support and implement scalable and flexible cloud services.

We work in partnership with best-of-breed organisations like Microsoft, Amazon and Google as well as being able to offer you your own private cloud infrastructure if required.

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Purchasing & Software licencing

Purchasing & Software licencing

Our varied range of industry leading suppliers ensures that you get the very best IT equipment, software and services at very competitive prices.

We don't accept commission or referral fees for anything we recommend, ensuring we give the very best independent advice at all times.

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Backups security and resilience

Backups, Security & Resilience

Securing your data & systems and ensuring they remain operational is our main concern. We integrate security thinking into everything we do.

We take a broad view of the threats facing your IT and data, pragmatically addressing the technical and non-technical issues that impact on the wellbeing of your systems.

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Service integration and IT Department support

Service integration & IT Department support

We can help out if you already have IT staff that are at full capacity and need a hand, or require extra expertise, holiday cover or backup services.

We are also the choice of IT support for other IT related companies who prefer to focus on core activities, as well as foreign IT support companies requiring IT support for London based clients.

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We partner with some great IT companies to bring you the best in IT services

These are just some of the leading IT companies we work with. We work with a wide array of networking, server and systems manufacturers and an even wider array of applications and packages across the many different industries we provide support to. We remain totally independent, and are under no commercial pressure to recommend any solution or brand over another ensuring the most appropriate IT solutions for our clients at all times. We maintain our collective purchasing power yet still examine each client's needs and the value provided by each solution in each instance.


  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Cisco
  • Dell UK
  • Watchguard
  • Avaya
  • Xerox

  • Adobe
  • vmware
  • Dell Sonicwall
  • Netgear
  • Ingram Micro
  • Lenovo
  • ESET

  • Techdata
  • APC
  • Aerohive Networks
  • Barracuda
  • Teamviewer
  • Axis

  • QA Training

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