IT News, Alerts and Blog

IT News, Alerts and Blogs

News, alerts and information tailored towards London based SMEs.


Current events and issues affecting London based companies. We select IT news stories from the wide world of IT and distill those affecting our clients


A collection of our thoughts and miscellania which will hopefully be of help and interest. You'll find everything from helpful informational articles to opinion pieces on issues affecting the London based SME.


Cloud services, local Broadband, Internet Service Provider and local exchange/BT status updates and alerts as well as related news items. As soon as we are aware of service outages or items affecting our clients we'll provide reports and updates as and when they are available.


Current and important security information, including timely alerts and advice on prevailing threats and general good counsel on organisational IT security.


Information and advice surrounding the newly introduced General Data Protection Regulations, the successor to the current UK Data Protection acts.


General Tips and Tricks to help improve your IT literacy and ultimately increase productivity in the workplace.