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Scalable, flexible and appropriate cloud solutions

We work in partnership with best-of-breed organisations like Microsoft, Amazon and Google as well as being able to design your own private hybrid cloud infrastructure if required. We specialise in Office 365 consulting, set up and support and can migrate your business to the cloud with the minimum of disruption. 

We work with you to explain the technologies and potential benefits involved so you can make informed decisions about what is best for your organisation, and help you to determine whether a cloud solution is appropriate to your current and future needs. Cloud based computing solutions bring cost savings, ease of management and seamless scalability - you only pay for what you use, without the headaches of maintaining your own hardware and software. 

We also offer industry leading as well as our own bespoke cloud storage and cloud backup services supplied in partnership with Amazon and Microsoft should you require complete control and peace of mind, or have requirements not readily met by what is currently available.

The range and complexity of cloud solutions available grows daily. Collaboration, project management, customer relationship management and engagement, storage and productivity applications have all benefited greatly from moving to a cloud based model. We stay abreast of all these developments and constantly develop our arsenal ensuring our engineers are experts in the wealth of tools available.

Efficient and unobtrusive cloud migration

Moving your data to or from the cloud doesn't need to cause disruption to your business. We plan each migration so that its impact on your operations is minimised, prioritising and scheduling works to best suit your users.

We can also help reverse the process. Companies occasionally want to move their data out of the cloud whether for cost, data protection and compliance, control or convenience.

Efficent and unobtrusive migration services

Transparent charges and direct-to-vendor billing

When implementing 3rd party cloud solutions like Office 365, Dropbox Business, or one of the many backup providers we ensure billing is arranged directly with the vendor. We don't receive any commission or other incentives to advise one solution over another, preferring to remain independent and impartial.

Transparent charges

Large capacity cloud backup and cloud storage

If you require large scale data storage, archival or cloud backup systems we can design an end-to-end solution from endpoint connectivity, storage provider selection and configuration to the internal technologies and processes required to effectively take advantage of online mass storage.

We can design and integrate long-term storage and archival systems.

Large capacity cloud

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