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UK consumers want more protection on data

Symantec’s State of Privacy report has found that consumers in the UK don’t believe that the government and businesses do enough to ensure their data is secure.

Consumer’s now consider security just as important as the quality of products when doing online shopping. Across Europe, social media and retail sites are the most dishonest. As a result, consumers have admitted to using fake information when online.

Security Reassurances

Companies should be reassuring users that their data is secure – which could even give them an edge over competitors as consumers would feel more confident using their website.

The study also found that while shopping online is far more prevalent nowadays, only 1 in 5 users read the terms and conditions when concerned with sharing personal data.

Symantec believe online activity will reduce in the future with consumers being more and more concerned with protecting their personal data.

The study suggests consumers expect government and businesses to take responsibility for protecting data but also believed consumers have a part to play as well. This could involve businesses being more transparent about how they protect data and users should be careful when handing out personal information.

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