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Windows 9 Leaks

Windows 9 Beta has been leaked following the news that Microsoft will send out invites to an event that will review the technical aspects of Windows 9 on the 30th September.

Since Windows 8 was released it has received a fair amount of criticism. This has forced Microsoft to develop and release Windows 9 as early as possible.

There have been many rumours regarding Windows 9 cost and features. Here are some of them; 

  • Release date could be as early as April 2015
  • Updates in Windows Defender, OneDrive and Windows activation
  • The return of the Start Menu!!
  • Charms bar could be gone
  • Task View (multi desktop) and a unified notification centre
  • Kinect technology to be enabled for laptops with 3D cameras
  • Improved power management capabilities
  • Price is unknown but not expected to be too costly

Additionally, screenshots and videos have been leaked giving a more in depth and revealing look at what should be expected by Windows 9. These can be found here