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Delete all traces of yourself from the web

Swedish developers, Wille Dalhlbo and Linus Unneback, have created a website that allows you to remove your online footprint by collecting all your accounts and deleting them.

No more embarrassing photos

For those who regret making an embarrassing post on social media or a photo that is circulating around the web after signing up to a dating website, it is possible to remove yourself from these websites, but this can be incredibly time-consuming.


The Swedish website will automate this process. Users only need to sign in with their Google or Outlook account and Deseat collates all the different online accounts that you have. From here, the website uses Google 0Auth protocol to access all the data available and then allows users to delete their online activity for that account at the click of a button.

The 0Auth protocol is a standard used for authorisation that allows you to log into other websites using common accounts such as Google, Facebook etc without exposing your password.

Google only

The downside to Deseat is that you can currently only find accounts that are linked to your Google or Outlook account – so any accounts linked to old email addresses or less popular email addresses (Yahoo for example) cannot be cleared.

For those that are concerned about privacy and security, Deseat claim that they consider “privacy and data security” really important and the 0Auth standard doesn’t allow them access to anyone’s login credentials – just the accounts that are linked to it.

With the introduction of the Snoopers Charter in the UK, being aware of your online footprint will be incredibly important.

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