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Customer relationship management (CRM) top priority for UK

A computer weekly survey has found that customer relationship management (CRM) is predicted to be the number one priority for IT systems buyers in the UK in 2017, in terms of packaged business applications.

For software initiatives that need solutions worked on by in-house IT, business intelligence, business process automation, data quality and governance and data warehousing are considered the most important.

Survey results

The survey was carried out by TechTarget and spoke to over 300 UK IT professionals who are responsible for purchasing decisions.

The figure for CRM this year is considerably more than what it was the previous year at 82%, which dwarfed other areas such as enterprise resource planning, marketing automation and manufacturing management which were at 48%, 19% and 11%, respectively.

For software initiatives, business process automation was a joint top priority with data quality and governance (23%) and slightly ahead of data warehousing (22%).

Upcoming software developments

Survey contributors were also asked about some of the new and emerging business software developments and technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of things.

Although such technologies don’t feature up high on the list of priorities, it will surely only be a matter of time before it is high on the list – potentially as soon as 2018.

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