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MS cloud users to have private network access

Microsoft have announced they are offering cloud users private network connections to datacentres in the UK.

Cloud users in the UK are now able to access Microsoft’s off premise, local services via a private network connection to its datacentre. 

Microsoft believe that the move is particularly geared towards companies adopting a hybrid cloud strategy and need reliable, quick and secure access to their on and off premise data. 

Data privacy

CEO of Microsoft UK, Cindy Rose, believes the launch is part of the company’s vow to outline how technology is implemented in the UK. 

The government’s national technology adviser, Liam Maxwell, said Microsoft’s announcement will really help commercial enterprises and public sector organisations. 

“The arrival of local datacentres in the UK is fantastic news for British businesses and the public sector alike,” he said. 

The rollout also occurs simultaneously with the launch of other Microsoft cloud services, which includes the Azure Security Centre and Azure Marketplace. 

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