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Windows 10 - Microsoft continues rule over business market

Businesses migrating to Windows 10 Enterprise edition, are promised a much smoother upgrade than in the past.

Alongside other improvements such as; Greatly improved mobile device management (MDM), improved security and simpler sign-on and authentication coupled with Azure Active Directory.

Multi-platform dominance

Most agree that Microsoft is continuing to make the right decisions. Windows 10 is set to drive the company’s ambition of continued platform dominance in this multi-platform, multi-device age. But will it succeed in this goal?

"As far as Microsoft’s nirvana of ‘Windows everywhere’ goes, I think the company has already missed the boat," says Dale Vile, distinguished analyst at Freeform Dynamics. "Most organisations are too far down the line with alternatives. Devices are the most volatile part of the IT equation and firms want to keep their options open."

However, when you start talking about process-centric applications rather than specific applications that each user wants to use, Vile says Microsoft has a strong story.

End-to-end integration

"With the cross-platform play, it can woo customers with the promise of being able to manage everything end-to-end. Customers have total flexibility in terms of which form-factor device they deploy to particular users without having to rewrite the application. That's undoubtedly going to be attractive to some users. You can’t do that in the Apple or Android worlds," he stated.

Microsoft’s grip on enterprise operating platforms may not be as strong as it used to be, Windows 10 is certainly a big step forwards in re-instating their dominance. There’s much to like about it, and plenty of potential.

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