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Vodafone challenges EE for best London coverage

Mobile analytics company RootMetrics, has published recent statistics that show Vodafone has improved its coverage in London drastically.

The quality of its network and its experience in central London rivals EE’s to the point where they are a serious competitor.

London coverage report

The recent report was published under the title “London Urban Experience” and provides the best look at London’s mobile coverage to date. testing seven core districts as well as sports venues, airports, train stations and shopping centres.

The report found that EE and Vodafone were very close in performance statistics. EE was ahead in reliability while Vodafone was ahead on network speed and call quality. This is a big change from previous years where EE had the best speed and reliability.

Data network has room for improvement

“London is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and this report gives a scientific indication of how likely you are to enjoy solid mobile performance in some of its busiest locations,” said RootMetrics - Scott Stonham.

“A good mobile service is a vital part of a city’s basic infrastructure. While we can achieve good performance across the capital, our data shows networks have some room for improvement when handling demand in large venues.”

RootMetrics carried out a total of 60,000 tests. With 50% of them indoors, this painted a very detailed map of mobile performance in Canary Wharf, Bloomsbury, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Westminster.

Erratic coverage

The findings suggest network quality is far more variable in London when examined more closely. With Providers out shining each other in some areas, and failing miserably in others; one such case of this is the recent report showing Vodafone to have better signal than O2 at the O2 arena!

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