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BT and Virgin to increase broadband cost

Ofcom has been warned that new rulings to business broadband will result in price surges.

BT and Virgin have joined forces to denounce the new regulations that Ofcom are introducing because forcing them to open up their business broadband and unused fibre optic cabling to competitors will mean they will have to charge more.

In addition to this, they say raising prices will also damage return on investment from their fibre networks.

Increased Access

Rivals would like more access to BT’s unused fibre optic cabling as their own virtual unbundled local access (VULA) is not good enough for the amount of customers they have.

However, BT are worried that allowing more access will result in service faults to the physical network as companies such as Sky and TalkTalk will want to fiddle about with it.

Ofcom will review the UK’s digital communication market as well as look at investment plans and address current and future regulations.

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