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Crucial Windows 10 update to be announced

Microsoft are to deliver one of their most important speeches in recent times.

Satya Nadella will present, what has been dubbed as “Windows 10: The Next Chapter”, to reveal the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system to highlight new features.

Windows to continue growth

With the PC industry taking a back seat while Apple continues to grow and innovate, Microsoft are hoping Windows 10 will put them back on track in terms of growth.

Recent studies have found that portable PC purchases have increased, whereas desktop PC’s are less eminent. Windows 10 is hoping to make the tablet and laptop synonymous after the relative failure of Windows 8.

Inexpensive alternatives to Window devices, such as Chromebooks, has asked questions of Microsoft. However, a survey carried out by HP suggests that most enterprises still value Windows as essential to their business.

Nadella’s aim is to ensure Microsoft is continuing to develop while also ensuring it isn’t just focusing its intentions on dominating as a standalone platform – but also integrating other technologies such as cloud computing and Mobile Device Management.

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