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Office relocation? We're experts at the "silent office move"

We recently completed a high-profile office move/expansion project, integrating a client's operations with a foreign branch office - based in Africa.

One of our clients who was expanding and moving to a larger office based in Canary Wharf needed all their current IT infrastructure relocated, but also required new server, workstation and a printer equipment. They also needed assistance setting up an office abroad (based in Niger) which would be securely linked to this new office.

Seamless and swift

We worked with the client, listened to their requirements and were able to draft a solution that met their needs while keeping costs at a sensible level. We then worked with the client's fit-out subcontractors overcoming several obstacles and challenges during the fit-out phase. Finally we relocated all their current equipment with minimum disruption and downtime, leaving them able to start working at 9am on their first day.

We then worked with their Niger-based IT contractors to implement their remote infrastructure, configuring secure links between their offices, ensuring a local copy of company data is kept at both locations for speedy access.

Get in touch

If you’re thinking of moving offices, then get in contact. We have a broad range of experience across many diverse relocation challenges, and we can use our knowledge, skills and experience to get all your IT equipment relocated seamlessly causing you minimal disruption - and allowing you to get to work immediately on your first day!