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Can poor broadband be compensated?

Figuring out how to get compensation for a poor broadband service, isn’t always as easy as it should be!

Cyber security

College to train upcoming cyber experts

The park where Alan Turing solved the Enigma code during WWII is to host a Cyber Security College that will help nurture the talent of young people that aim to have a future in cyber security

The college will be the UK’s first National College of Cyber Security when it opens in 2018.

mobile phone

What is 5g and when will we see it rolled out?

Mobile data use has almost doubled in the past two years, increasing 74 per cent alone in 2015 – taking the overall global figure averaging to around 3.7 exabytes per month. Which is an exorbitant amount.

Office relocation

Office relocation? We're experts at the "silent office move"

We recently completed a high-profile office move/expansion project, integrating a client's operations with a foreign branch office - based in Africa.

Computer bits image

Innovations on display at Imagine Festival in Milton Keynes

The Imagine Festival in Milton Keynes highlighted the potential of technology to revolutionise the way we move. A variety of young entrepreneurs gathered under one roof to offer creative solutions to 21st-century travel dilemmas.

New terms

Change in terms from April 1st

EC2 IT updates its terms for the first time, simplifying how we work further and bringing us more into line with what customers expect.

Welcome Darren, Ben and Sam

Welcome Darren, Ben and Sam!

We’d like to extend a huge EC2 IT welcome to our latest recruits, Darren, Ben and Sam.


Companies slowly begin to adopt cryptocurrency

One of the largest employment agencies in the United Kingdom, Reed, have adopted the Bitcoin as they believe this payment method play an important [art in the future of currency.