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Change in terms from April 1st

EC2 IT updates its terms for the first time, simplifying how we work further and bringing us more into line with what customers expect.

We have maintained the same flexible Terms & Conditions and rates since our inception in 2007. We hold pride of place as having the most business-friendly terms in the industry while still providing best in class service and the most responsive, and efficient, helpdesk of any of our contemporaries.

As much as we would like to keep things the way they are indefinitely, we need to change some of our terms to be able to continue providing the high quality of service that our clients are used to. This will allow us to invest in our team and systems so that, moving forward, we can increase our efficiency and provide you a broader range of responsive, high quality, IT services.

Also, feedback from new clients who have worked with other IT Support companies who have moved to us is that the unfettered flexibility we have offered in the past is a little daunting... so in the spirit of always listening to our customers we are providing our services under more traditional, yet still very flexible, terms.

The major changes are:

  • A required minimum billing commitment that will be set against any work we do for you. If we are already doing at least this minimum amount of work for you per month, you won’t notice any difference. If we currently do less than this minimum, you will be billed the minimum per month to use our services. As ever this is still very favourable when compared to the industry standard for a service of this quality which usually charges, regardless of services provided, a lot more on a per-user and/or per-device basis.
  • Our minimum length of service agreement is being changed to 12 months.
  • Our timecard rate is being changed to £120/hour, and we now have different rates and terms for on-site and out of hours work.

As always we are committed to providing you with the best IT support service available and these changes will make sure we can continue to support you as best we can into 2015 and beyond.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.