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Companies slowly begin to adopt cryptocurrency

One of the largest employment agencies in the United Kingdom, Reed, have adopted the Bitcoin as they believe this payment method play an important [art in the future of currency.

This has been achieved by adopting an agile development strategy. Agile development is a method used in software development that approaches the development cycle through collaboration and self-organisation to help businesses cope with unpredictability. It is often used in small companies where the entire business is agile, rather than just having an agile development team as small companies can adapt better to change.

Straightforward integration

The recruitment company sells subscriptions online to firms and other recruitment agencies instead of accepting payment from job seekers. Their payment structure uses third party payment systems for payments made with credit cards and internal systems for vouchers.

Bitcoin has been integrated within the Reed website's payment system. Reed state that it wasn't onerous to implement, with only three weekly project sessions todevelop and deploy the innovation.

The future of cryptocurrency

Although Bitcoin isn't quite ready to dominate the market yet, it is gradually stabilising and gaining traction for legitimate use. Reed, and many other companies, feel it is important to adopt such trends early on in preparation for when it eventually becomes a mainstream payment mechanism.

There is very little risk in introducing Bitcoin to a payment system, however some firms are still hesitant. Finance services in particular aren't rushing to introduce Bitcoin as many struggle to integrate new technologies in legacy systems.

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