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BT to create health and social care system

BT is to create a centralised system that compiles information from both social and health care systems, in Islington.

The 5 year contract signed by Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the London Borough of Islington, worth £7.4m, will aim to centralise the management for existing health and care systems.

Single access point

The system will pull data from existing care systems so that doctors and care workers will be able to access patient’s records in a single place from any secure device.

Patients will also be able to access this system so they can view their own record, suggest amendments, provide additional information to staff and keep track of any upcoming appointments.

Vice-chair of the CCG, Katie Coleman, was enthused about the new system and highlighted its benefits by saying ‘As well as helping us to create a truly patient-centred service, it will promote personal health improvement and prevention.’

Less Errors

Islington, along with 25 other care centres, was selected by NHS England to essentially act as a guinea pig by being involved in trialling new methods of improving health and care services.

Islington Council’s director of adult social care, Simon Galczynski, is looking forward to the new system and pointed out that ‘The current limitations on integrated records are a daily frustration for people who use our health and care services, and for those who work in them,’. So anything introduced to alleviate this frustration, would be welcomed.

The hope is that by centralising patient’s data, it will make it easier for staff to access and work with, whilst also reducing errors.

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