Careers at EC2 IT

Working with us


The sky is the limit

We love what we do

We enjoy helping people in a friendly, professional and intelligent manner. Which means we like to think we are friendly, professional and intelligent people... we hope so anyway.

We believe that the key skills you need to work here aren't learned in a lab or proved by a string of letters after your name. The real talent is in how you deal with and value people and treat them with respect.

If you think you'd like to work in this kind of environment then get in touch. We like to see breadth of interest and experience with traditional technologies such as Microsoft, Cisco and everything from Adobe to Zend. We also like to see practical use of other technologies such as Open Source projects and Linux.

What makes a top class IT warrior is patience, humour and above all an understanding of what IT means to people, for better or worse, in their day to day lives.

We are flexible and open-minded

What makes us so useful to City businesses is our flexibility and open attitude to what works best in a given situation. We aren't zealots who insist that any one technology or approach is best, or stand on ceremony when a job needs to be done. We all strive to be multi-disciplined and we all roll our sleeves up.

Networking, applications support, helpdesk, software development, web development are all skills we need.

We look for good people who enjoy helping, are intelligent and who want to get stuck in. If this is you you'll feel very much at home here. No one has ever used the phrase 'that's not my job'.

Applying to work with us

You begin the process by sending us a current copy of your CV to

We look for people who are service-oriented and smart. We would expect a degree in IT, however if you feel you have the skills, experience and personality that would find a home in our organisation then please get in touch - we keep an open mind on everything.

We conduct a first interview and then some psychometric and aptitude testing - we have a very clear view on which qualities makes a good support person, and we also want to make sure that working with us is right for you.

Successful applicants are then invited to a second interview where they meet members of the team for a more in-depth chat.

We try to move the process along over 2-3 weeks, but we also don't want to rush something so important. We give feedback as soon as possible at every stage.

We also run an annual student work placement programme in partnership with the University of Portsmouth.