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wireless security

Wireless Security

We review some fundamentals of wireless security.

Outlook icons

Microsoft Outlook – top tips part two

This article is part two of the Microsoft Outlook – top tips series. It will show you some of our favourite keyboard shortcuts and Outlook features that will help improve productivity at home or in the workplace.

Browser tips

Master your Web Browser - Top Tips part 2

Use your browsing history, tabs and favourites to make your browsing more productive.

Word tips

Microsoft Word – Top Tips part 2

Advanced layout and styling tips to help give your documents extra sheen. 

Password policy

Password policies and secure authentication

Should you create a password policy or leave password management to the user?

Data Portability

GDPR – Data Portability

Now the GDPR is in effect, companies face the prospect of giving individuals back their data should they ask for it. 

GDPR Review

GDPR – 5 Months On

It’s been nearly 5 months since the implementation of new data protection rules under GDPR and the dust seems to have settled.  Whilst most organisations are settling back to what feels like business as usual it’s important that everyone keeps on top of data security in their company – GDPR compliance must be seen as an ongoing activity, not a once-off exercise in box ticking. 

digital image with floating characters

Dell software exposes security flaw

Dell has admitted that it as unintentionally installed software on their machines that contains a serious security flaw that can be taken advantage of.

Clooud backups

Backups #3 - Backing up to the Cloud

The benefits, issues and caveats when backing up your data to Cloud based service providers.

Ec2 IT logo

Grey Matter & Embarcadero – EC2 IT partnership case study

EC2 IT recently featured in a case study by the IT industry's premier software licencing and specialist software supplier, Greymatter.

brexit blog

Brexit – how will this affect IT industry in the UK?

A considered look into how Brexit will affect the IT industry, and how this might affect you as a London based business.

Excel logo

Microsoft Excel – Top Tips part 2

Excel has a diverse range of features that can be utilised to make working more efficient and simple. For example, for every task there is a keyboard shortcut made to speed up production; some of these are shown below. Also included are a few other features worth knowing about in Part 2 of Microsoft Excel - Top Tips.

backups image computer to computer

Backups #2 – IT systems backup best practices

Best practices and dos and dont's to consider when managing your backups.

Powerpoint logo

Microsoft PowerPoint - top tips part one

Although simple on the surface – Microsoft PowerPoint can be a highly useful and productive tool for you and your business. It is still the most common piece of presentation software used around the world and therefore is worth knowing a few little tips and tricks to give you that edge in your presentations.


Backups #1 - The basics of IT backups

The first of a series of articles on backing up your data.

cyber crime

City of London Police assemble cyber-detective team

The City of London police are building a new branch dedicated to helping protect businesses and consumers from cybercrime. The team will be comprised of IT-savvy cyber detectives straight from the UK’s best universities.


How to raise an IT support ticket with your helpdesk team

We reveal the art of raising a ticket with your support provider, 

bt 4g backup

BT launches 4G internet backup for businesses

BT is the first UK Telecomms/Internet Services Provider to offer an automatic 4G switchover solution if your internet goes down.

Word logo

Microsoft Word – Top Tips part one

Microsoft Word appears to be an easy to use program on the surface, but once you start to look into this it can become a very advanced piece of software.

security end user

Why staff are your biggest security threat

Today, companies spend tens of billions of pounds on cyber security protection against external threats, despite a majority of risks actually coming internally and from employees themselves.