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Apple Spyware

Apple has released security updates for a zero-click vulnerability found in Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. The flaw was discovered by an independent researcher, and as a result, anyone with an Apple device listed above are urged to update their devices immediately to protect themselves from the malware.

System Hacked

Hacker group ‘REvil’ have exposed a zero-day vulnerability found in the Kaseya’s systems, which tens of thousands of customers use. As a result, many companies have been met with a ransomware demand from the group – totalling $70m in payment for the return of their data.

windows keyboard logo

Screenshots of Windows 11 have been leaked and these have seemingly been confirmed as genuine. Microsoft had hinted recently that a big update was to be revealed, but leaks published on a Chinese website have beaten them before they could announce this officially. This article will discuss what Windows 11 could mean for your business and end-users.

sharepoint logo laptop

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a web-based collaboration tool created by Microsoft. This article will look at how such a tool can be implemented in a business, its pros and cons and whether or not it is suited to your company’s needs.

wifi vulnerabilities

Multiple vulnerabilities have been found within the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) specification. These vulnerabilities have been dubbed ‘FragAttacks’ and will allow potential hackers within range of the wireless access point to include their own frames into networks that use WPA-based encryption.

Android bugs

Google have disclosed that four Android vulnerabilities, discovered in May, are under active exploitation. With Android phones being heavily used within companies across the UK (including London), it is crucial that users and businesses are informed of this.

Apple logo padlock hand

A fix that has been made available for weeks to patch a flaw found on iPhones and Macs has yet to be implemented by Apple. The Vulnerability is found within the browser engine that supports Safari and all browsers on iOS and macOS.


New guidelines may shortly come into effect, slowly re-introducing “normal” working – however what normal is seems to be changing daily.

Working from home

With the current increase in staff working from home, either by choice or by necessity, there’s no doubt it has become something that will stay for both the short-term and long-term. This in turn presents new security challenges.

Video Conferencing Teams Laptop

One of the biggest modern ways of working is being able to conduct meetings remotely – or virtually, through the use of remote video conferencing tools that allow you to attend a meeting from your computer. As such, it is worth analysing whether companies should look at implementing such a technology.

Zoom security

Zoom’s security credentials have been under a lot of scrutiny recently as multiple stories have come out suggesting the software is not safe to use. With Zoom being used increasingly during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that users are informed of its alleged security vulnerabilities.

GDPR Update

More than a year and a half after the GDPR came into effect the impact of the new regulation is increasing, rather than fading into the news archives.