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IT outsourcing

Finding the right external IT support provider takes the stress out of managing your IT and supporting your users.

It documentation

Up to date records of your systems, policies, software licencing and everything else IT related simplifies the management and support of your systems.

Backups are important

Making sure that the precious data assets of your business are backed up and that they can be reinstated with the minimum of data loss, delay and disruption is the cornerstone of all good IT practice.

2018 Roundup

As the new year approaches, it is time to reflect and look back on what 2018 has brought with it…and what better way to look back on the past year than highlighting EC2 IT’s top 5 articles of 2018!

GDPR Review

It’s been nearly 5 months since the implementation of new data protection rules under GDPR and the dust seems to have settled.  Whilst most organisations are settling back to what feels like business as usual it’s important that everyone keeps on top of data security in their company – GDPR compliance must be seen as an ongoing activity, not a once-off exercise in box ticking.