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As of 01/07/2024 (July 1, 2024), the classic Teams application will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Users still running classic Teams should update to the new MS Teams immediately.

Why is updating MS Teams required?

Microsoft announced it would cut support for its classic Teams application a few months ago to force users to use their new Teams app.

The new Teams app promises to boost performance speeds and use up less memory - which will be welcomed by all users and companies alike.

Those using the classic Teams will receive the following message advising them of the change:


How to update to the latest MS Teams

Users are strongly advised to switch to the new MS Teams application (either called ‘Microsoft Teams’ or ‘Microsoft Teams (work or school)’). This can be done by selecting the ‘Switch now’ button within the classic Teams or simply opening up the new MS Teams application. The new Teams app icon should look something like:


Users will still be able to use the classic Teams, however, this is not recommended due to issues regarding security, and compatibility with other applications such as Outlook. Availability for the classic Teams will end on 01/07/2025, so users will no longer be able to use the old version.

Further Reading

For more information on this change, see the following Microsoft article: