Remote Support

Remote support software download


Please only use the tools below when directed to do so by your EC2 IT support team member.

If you need support right now, and are not currently in contact with one of us regarding the issue, please call 020 8142 4642 or email and we'll get to work in no time.

Please select the appropriate tool for your operating system:


Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows based systems

Apple OSX

Mac OSX based systems


Other operating systems (auto detect)



For instructions on how to download and run Teamviewer, please see our article that guides you through the process.


EC2 IT uses TeamViewer, the industry's premier solution for remote access and support.

All communications are encrypted for your security, and access control mechanisms are in place to prevent unauthorised access to your systems.

More information on TeamViewer can be found here.

Information on its security credentials can be found here.