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Internship programme

Welcome to EC2 IT

We like to keep busy, and we all pitch in across the board when it comes to the IT tasks at hand. We work with a very broad range of clients with a broad range of requirements, and each day brings new challenges in every technological area.

We began an undergraduate placement program in 2011 without really thinking too far ahead as we needed extra hands on deck and felt this would be a good way to meet our short-term resourcing needs and to give something back to the IT community, however it was so successful – and each year has been equally as successful – that we now run it annually.

At first, we reviewed candidates from all universities however we were so impressed with the calibre and attitude of Portsmouth students (and our IT Support Manager is somewhat biased as he is an alumnus...) that we decided to focus our recruitment efforts solely with the University of Portsmouth.

What is the recruitment process?

We take recruitment very seriously – it is as important that the role is a fit for you as you are a fit for the role, and as a small and highly skilled team even though we look for technically talented individuals we rate personality and the ability to treat people well and with respect equally as highly.

We begin the process with a review of CVs to look for potential and aptitude and progress candidates of interest through psychometric testing, finally inviting students who fit the profile we are looking for to a combined first and a second-round interview.

It’s a friendly, relaxed process however we like to be thorough as it’s in everyone’s interest. The interview is well structured and informal and we aim to wrap the recruitment process within 3-4 weeks.

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What will your year be like?

Your work will be rewarding and meaningful. You won’t be asked to make tea, or photocopy, or take recycling down to the loading bay compactor. Well, you might, be we all do these kinds of chores from time to time.

Together with your manager we will work out a 12-month development plan, as if you were a permanent team member, and only place you into active service when you are comfortable and ready. You will receive proper training so you get the most out of your placement and be given your own projects to complete. It will be busy, fulfilling work.

We work with a very broad range of technologies and are not tied to any particular vendors. All of our team are encouraged to cross pollinate their skills and work on IT support, projects, consulting and systems administration. The team can be working on MS Windows Server administration, Cisco networking systems configuration, application support, VOIP setup, web design, general IT support and project implementations - all in the same day. As your skills and knowledge develop you will get involved in everything we do.  

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Will you enjoy it?


What is the environment like?

We are all likeminded – friendly, relaxed yet professional. We all have fun doing what we do and work to best practices, helping each other out when needed. We share knowledge and information freely and place great importance on self-development, training and ensuring everyone gets to do interesting work. We also eat a lot of pizza.


If you are looking for a rewarding and fun placement with a central-London based IT Support company that places great emphasis on learning and treating its staff well then contact you careers officer about applying for a placement with us -