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Vodafone have suffered another outage of their network. This time it is primarily mobile phone users, but also some broadband users. The worst affected areas appear to be London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Issues Reported

Around 6pm on Monday 23rd October an independent website called Down Detector started to receive outage reports from users on the Vodafone network. Around 48% of these were related to mobile phones, 25% was related to mobile internet issues and the last 25% was due to broadband issues.

Vodafone Response

When users first took to twitter to query the lack of service Vodafone’s initial response was “Hi, we're unaware of any issue's, please try a full restart and manual roam, let us know how this goes.” After a while they started to ask users to private message them their postcode so that Vodafone could investigate the reported issues.

Soon, Vodafone had engineers looking into the issue and released the following as part of their statement, “Our engineers are looking into the issue as a matter of urgency. We apologise for any inconvenience and will provide an update as soon as possible.” The issue was soon resolved and a Vodafone spokesman confirmed this with the following statement, “Service has now been restored and our engineers continue to closely monitor the network. We’d like to apologise to our customers affected by the earlier intermittent technical problem.”

Ongoing Issues

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Vodafone has had an outage. In September 2017, users were affected by a broadband outage. This outage left users without internet for around six hours during one of the busiest periods of the day. This was resolved and all users managed to get back online.

Tuesday 24th October

As of now, Vodafone’s services are back up and running. The issue from Monday night had been resolved allowing users to make and receive calls, use mobile data and use their broadband connection.

Further Reading

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