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Three customers were unable to make and receive calls and texts for nearly 4 hours on the 14th of September.

Network problems

Users had started to make complaints around 7am on Thursday and problems continued to be reported throughout the morning. The issue was eventually fixed and Three apologised for “any inconvenience caused”.

Service outage website, Down Detector, uses comments made on social media platforms to work out whether or not a service provider is encountering issues with their network. Down detector claimed that at one point 36% of those encountering problems with Three had been unable to make calls on their phone, 28% being unable to use mobile internet and 34% had no signal whatsoever.

Some of the most affected areas included Islington and Camden Town in London, Glasgow and Manchester.

Three customers were not happy and they vented their frustration on social media…and they have every reason to be unhappy.

Not the first time

This was not the first time that Three customers were left frustrated with the global telecommunications service provider encountering network issues.

On the 7th of September hundreds of users reported issues with mobile internet services. While calls and texts were unaffected, the outage lasted for up to a day for some users which is obviously a long time to go without data.

In April, users across the UK reported issues calling and sending texts, which was again highly inconvenient.

Next time it happens

While there have been no reported network issues today, it is important that if you do encounter issues with your mobile service provider, you should report it to them as soon as possible so they are made aware of it and can begin to find a solution for the issue.

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