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Many O2 customers have been affected by a network outage and even business secretary, Sajid Javid, noticed this.

While O2’s mobile network is now back online, a service outage that had occurred on the 25th of May prevented O2 customers from being able to make or receive calls.

O2 have yet to work out what caused the outage, but it had taken hold in London, Manchester, Glasgow and some parts of Northern Ireland.

Reboot your phone

Many vented their frustrations on Twitter, and even business secretary Sajid Javid, tweeted “No signal @O2. Please sort it out.”

O2 provided updates using their service status website and explained that service uptime would be intermittent until the problem is fully addressed.

Whilst the issue is being looked at, O2 have suggested users switch their phone on and off again to recover service to their devices.

Emergency Network

The government wants to have an emergency network in place in case all mobile networks suffer from outages. O2 is one of the eight organisations the Home Office has asked to work out a quality mobile network for the new Emergency Services Network using publicly available services as a base. Using this sort of service as a base will be a cheaper alternative to a private radio network.

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