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Intel released a patch to address a security flaw affecting millions of intel processors. This patch released however, caused a lot of customers computers to reboot or shutdown randomly.

The first reports of the reboots was 11th January 2018, since then Intel announced that customers should not install the patch and were analysing what caused the reboots.

Microsoft also reacted and released an update for windows computers that simply disabled the update, this prevented the computers to reboot once the update had been installed.

Who is affected?

Only users that have installed the latest intel patch and have an older affected chips or the new Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, Skylake and Kaby Lake chips will be affected. AMD processor users or Mac/Linux users have not been reported to have any issues.

What was the patch for?

The patch addressed a security flaw with the intel processors called Spectre and Meltdown, Microsoft addressed this issue before but the fix made a noticeable performance decrease.

Intel’s patch was to resolve the affected processors but it appears this caused random reboots.

What went wrong?

Intel releasing a buggy patch is not the first time and likely not the last, in this case it is possible an aspect of the testing went wrong or was missed. Given the time frame and the need to release a fix for these security flaws it’s possible that some areas were overlooked to expedite the solution.

Intel have announced it affects most of their processors, have retracted the patch and are working on a fix.

Next steps

If you have installed the patch for the intel chips then install windows updates to receive the latest update that disables the patch. When Intel release a working patch then you will need to install this.

Intel announced on the 22nd that an early release of the patch was released to its industry partners to test, once the testing is done then the patch will be available for public consumption.

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