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The cybersecurity team that work at the Metropolitan Police, the NHS and the Local Government Association in the UK have voiced fears that Ransomware will be one of the biggest threats to affect the British public sector.

Grounds for these fears

In the last three years each cyber threat has been different, three years ago it was DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service), two years ago it was data breaches such as TalkTalk and TeamViewer, this year has been Ransomware and so next year it could be anything.

DCI Miles from SC07 Organised Crime Command at the Met said "What worries me is we don't know what the next thing will be. We are playing catch-up as the digital [world] has gone at a steep curve."

While speculation is that it is likely to be ransomware again given the simplistic nature of the virus and the anonymity of reaping the rewards it could really be something new, given how quickly technology can change.

The NHS have also admitted that it almost paid the ransom as it couldn’t confirm if they had a backup of all patients data in the UK meaning that they could not just restore to a previous backup.

What’s being done about it?

The met police has 300 officers looking into the potential spread of ransomware, the office for National Statistics estimated that almost 50% of all crime has some link to the internet.

The public sector will also need to up its game with regards to backing up data, It’s not likely they are targeted and more a case that the staff need to be more IT literate with regards to safe IT practice.

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