IT Security

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Ransomware has seen a huge growth in the past year and with the ongoing increase in the Internet of Things (IoT) there are fears that one day you could be held ransom by your fridge or watch.

Lack of Security

The IoT is driven by devices all wanting to connect to the network to allow for easy management and communication, however these devices are normally poorly protected. With the growth of the IoT expected to reach 21 billion online devices by 2020 and this will allow many more opportunities.

Cyber Attacks

Ransomware relies on the victim having data on the affected device they are willing to pay to retrieve, be it fitness data from trackers, photos on phones or personal data on smart watches. The National Crime Agency and the National Cyber Security Centre have both come out and announced that the risk to business is “significant and growing”.

It is not just ransomware you will need to be aware of as your kettles and fridges could become a botnet. In 2014, a cyber security company called Proofpoint found an attack launched by over 100,000 household appliances, including at least 1 fridge. A year later this security firm found that there was a flaw in Samsung’s smart fridge which allowed an attacker to steal Gmail account details.

To mitigate these risks all devices should run the most up to date firmware available and where possible change usernames and passwords from the defaults.

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