IT Security

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The festive season brings many things; deadlines which cause people to rush before the end of the year, added pressures an administrative staff to deal with entertaining and seasonal planning and of course people’s attention being distracted by the Yuletide partying.

This time of year is also busy for other groups of people as well – notably hackers and thieves.

With the holidays fast approaching we recommend:

  • Ensuring your offsite backups are up to date – and offsite! With all that’s going on at this time of year it’s easy to overlook making sure that the backup media have been securely stored away from the office
  • Taking the opportunity of any seasonal office downtime to carry out software updates and maintenance. With staff away in groups en masse at functions, often starting during the day, it’s an ideal time for systems and computer downtime to upgrade and maintain servers and other networking equipment that are normally too disruptive to have offline
  • Ensure any valuables are locked away, including any with sensitive data. Your identifiable data is more valuable to thieves than your iPhone
  • In the rush to clear desks ahead of the holiday season and new year ensure all paper copies of sensitive data is securely stored or shredded. Again, you and your companies identity and credit rating are incredibly valuable
  • In a period when online shopping activity in the workplace is at a peak ensure staff are wary of Phishing emails carefully crafted to look like the popular online retailers or delivery services
  • Switch off computers that won't be used for security, fire safety and the environment
  • Be aware of the current scam involving identity theft and "mistaken deliveries" of high value goods, involving high-value items which appear to have been delivered to you by mistake which have in fact been bought in your or your company's name and re-collected by the thieves posing as the original couriers.

All of us at EC2 IT wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous and safe New Year.