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Uber has lost its license to operate its service in London, due to a decision from the Transport for London backed by the mayor. This gives them 21 days to continue to operate and to appeal.

Why has Uber lost its license?

Transport for London has concluded that the taxi-calling app, which is used by millions of people in London, was not fit to maintain its private hire operating license.

They said that Uber’s conduct in undertaking corporate responsibility was lacking and could have implications to the security of the public, whether the riders of drivers.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan stated that he fully supports this decision and “it would be wrong if TFL continued to license Uber” due to the potential “threat to Londoners’ safety and security”.

Uber’s legal battles

Uber has faced many uphill battles legally and ethically over the past years, and this is yet another hit to the ride-hailing app. It is expected that Uber will attempt to challenge the TFL and mayor’s decision, but it is unlikely that they will receive much success.

There have been many cases involving allegations of sexism and other issues within the company, which had in-turn forced their former chief executive Travis Kalanick out of the company.

The future of London transport

Prior to this, it was announced that Gett and Citymapper are to launch a new ‘taxi-bus’ service in London. They will be offering a fixed £3 fare journey to travel through London on certain routes. This means riders can stay in as long as they want, even travelling miles, for this fixed cost.

There are already three routes, but this expansion and fourth route, which will launch on Monday, is perfect timing for Gett due to this Uber news.

Will we see a ‘taxi-bus’ surge in London now that Uber may be going for good?

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