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Microsoft have announced plans of a store location on Regent Street, Central London, which would mark the first retail store to open in not just the UK, but also in Europe.

They are due to sign a 10-year lease for the building in the next few weeks, under a minute away from Apple’s store on Regent Street.

What will the store be like?

Following a similar style to Apple’s stores, there will be benches of laptops, tablets, phones and smart devices for everyone to try, in an attempt to generate confidence in their products. Also, it will not just be a purchasing ground.

The store will be used to showcase their latest technologies, allow people to get hands on with them and also host various tech-related events. Expect to see “gaming, mixed reality, AI” and other various technologies.

Taken from Microsoft’s blog, the store will be a “great place to experience all that is possible with Microsoft” and bring out creativity in the community “through an ambitious program of workshops and training”. Among this training will be YouthSpark camps for kids to learn about computer science, Minecraft coding classes, how to leverage LinkedIn for business, and participation in Xbox game design sessions.”

Microsoft’s Relationship with London

A few weeks ago, it was announced that they are expected to launch a brand new surface device at the Future Decoded event here in the capital next month.

With this news and now the announcement of this store opening, it is evident that Microsoft has many fans and a lot of business in London, the UK and Europe. The announcement of the store is no-doubt a push to help create a more personal relationship with shoppers in London.

However, Microsoft has always been interested in opening a store in London, and was rumoured to be pushing to open one in previous years. The plans fell through for whatever reasons, but after these years of trying, they finally seem to have been able to solidify their desires for this store.

Apple vs Microsoft

As mentioned earlier in the article, the flagship store will be under one minute away from Apple’s store on Regent Street. It’s unknown whether this was planned, however, it can only be a sign of bad news for Apple.

Apple and Microsoft are two of the only companies who develop the software, the hardware which runs the software, and has retail stores to showcase this. Having both side-by-side is bound to be a war, and Apple will feel invaded, going from having no competitor, to one right next door.

Apple stores have been a successful way for user’s to get hands-on with their sleek products. Now that Microsoft has improved it’s game with its Surface tablets, which are powerful and stylish, being able to get potential customer’s hands-on time with them is sure to take away some people from Apple and towards Microsoft.

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