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The UK government will provide £14.5 million into a new cybersecurity innovation centre in London.

Protect against hackers

The government investment will be made over the next three years to improve the UK’s cyber security defences and assist the UK’s bid to become the leading country for nurturing digital businesses.

The innovation centre will be a place that large tech firms can meet and work with inventive start-ups to develop new technologies that businesses will need to defend themselves.

As a result, start-ups will have access to expert advice so that they are prepared for cyber-attacks and ensure they are providing something to the UK’s cyber security sector.

Leading tech sector

Matt Hancock, Minister for digital, had this to say “London is one of the world’s most important tech sectors, with a record £5.6bn investment in the industry in the past six months and a new tech firm formed every hour in the capital.”

“Our investment in a new cyber innovation centre will not only cement the city’s position as a world leader but also boost the whole country by giving UK firms access to the latest cyber technology and allowing start-ups to get the support they need to develop.”

Cheltenham already have a centre that has launched the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator programme – so the new London innovation centre will be yet another one to be unveiled that the UK government has funded.

London has also recently been confirmed as the city to lead a number of other digital research projects, including ensuring how society can benefit from the power of interconnected devices while remaining safe, secure and resilient.

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