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The telecommunications services provider, O2, are backing the City of London’s free Wi-Fi network to help deliver incredibly fast speeds.

London to be more connected

The City of London Corporation has initiated this world-leading Wi-Fi network to London residents, which promises to deliver speeds of 50-180Mbps across the Square Mile.

Along with O2, network device supplier Cornerstone Technology Infrastructure, UK Power Networks and Virgin Media are among the companies who have come together to help construct and deliver a network using more than 150 high tech Cisco wireless access points.

London locals will be able to use the network for free and it will just require the user to register once to be able to use it. This has been in the pipeline for a while as part of a 15 year contract with 02 and CTIL to transform connectivity in the City.

Digital importance

Catherine McGuinness, London Corporation policy chair, release the below statement following the news:

“As a global financial centre, we provide services for a diverse range of City occupiers. With nearly 99% of City firms SMEs, 8% of the workforce from the technology, media and telecommunications industry, and a host of startups moving to the City, it is vital that our digital services match the fast-paced needs of our workers.”

Derek McManus, O2 COO, agreed with Catherine’s view when he said “We understand the importance of digital connectivity in terms of driving the economy and ensuring that London can continue to compete on a global scale. This is why we are investing in the City of London’s wireless infrastructure, to give people what they need wherever they are – reliable internet on the go.”

Wi-Fi to be appreciated

The way London is constructed, a combination of medieval streets and big buildings, as many Londoner’s will already be aware, getting acceptable 4G in the City is particularly difficult. So the introduction of this ultrafast Wi-Fi network is very much welcomed.

Something to be aware of

While London has made another step to become even more connected, you should always be vigilant when accessing a wireless network. Please refer to this article where we offer ways to prevent being hacked in a mobile and wireless environment.

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