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It’s that time of year again. A time for reflection and a look back at the highlights of the last year - 2017.

It’s been an interesting one in terms of economy, politics and business. These factors have all affected information technology greatly – and here our top five articles from this year which demonstrate and look upon some of our biggest news stories from the year.

Number #5: Global Ransomware Attack on Microsoft Windows

One of the biggest stories relating to security in this past year was the WCRY ransomware virus. It effected hundreds of thousands of people globally. Notably in the UK, the virus attacked some of the largest and important organisations, such as the National Health Service.
Although the virus had seemingly been stopped, it has been coming back up in the news again due to country’s governments blaming North Korea for the attacks. WannaCry is over, but could have further reaching negative consequences for the world.

Number #4: Demand for cloud roles in London on the rise

Cloud technology growth has continued to build throughout 2017. London has seen an increase in cloud roles according to a report from Tech Cities Job Watch.
Will 2018 see continued increase in the adoption of cloud technology?

Number #3: What is GDPR? 5 key things you need to know!

The General Data Protection Regulation is looming and looking to make some big legal changes in how data is handled and stored. Coming in under half a year, every employee at every business should at least be made aware of this to avoid any potential fines and legal action.
For more information on GDPR, go to our dedicated GDPR news category to ensure you’re ready for next year’s legal changes.

Number #2: Web Browsers

This was the launch of our first “Productivity Knowledgebase” news article. This contained tips and tricks on how to become an expert with Web Browsers to ensure productivity is as high possible. This included things such as basic keyboard shortcuts and useful features/settings. There are many more articles lined up for this category in 2018 – so watch this space!

Number #1: UK businesses affected by lack of technology adoption

One of our top articles details the struggles of businesses in the UK regarding technology adoption. It’s been made clear in 2017 that there’s a massive gap in how technology is being adopted. Some companies are as up-to-date as they can be, whilst most fall very far below what is expected nowadays.
This lack of adapting to changes in technology impacts many factors and restricts companies from growing to their full potential. This has been an issue globally, but this article specifically looks into how and why the UK needs to address this, to resolve productivity and pay gap issues.
Hopefully 2018 will see this issue addressed more – perhaps through the legal changes that will be brought about by GDPR to bring about technological changes.

So that’s it, 2017 is over. Thank you to all our staff, clients and readers for an amazing year. We look forward to what 2018 will bring for us as a company.