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The City of London police are building a new branch dedicated to helping protect businesses and consumers from cybercrime. The team will be comprised of IT-savvy cyber detectives straight from the UK’s best universities.

Protecting businesses and consumers

The graduate programme is being designed to protect business and consumers in the Square Mile, London, from cyber-attacks.

As Peter O’Doherty, head of crime and cyber security at the force, said "Cyber crime is the most significant growing threat in this country. Cyber detectives wouldn't help the issue of under-reporting but would provide the capability to investigate cyber crime more efficiently than we do now,"


Recruitment will focus on hiring graduate students from the leading UK universities to fill the ranks for what’s known as the 'Cyber Griffin programme'.

The reason behind getting fresh students into a graduate programme is due to how cyber-attacks have grown in sophistication. To assist businesses and consumers with resolving found threats and attacks, the force needs to adopt a more adaptive and smarter response to attacks.

To ensure that the current detectives keep their skills up to date they will receive additional training from their own cyber security academy, ensuring at the front line that crime investigation is first based on practical experience over a university degree.

Its currently unclear if the graduates will receive a competitive salary for this role compared to what they could be offered in the private industry.

How will it affect us?

Currently this idea is only in the design stages however the force is looking to trial this project with up to six students next year.

Eventually this will impact how current cyber crime investigations are carried out within the City of London, however it is unclear how they will tackle the issue of crime prevention. Initiatives such as introducing training for City based companies to better handle data and manage IT Security issues are likely although this should hopefully be made clearer when the programme is rolled out.

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