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The underground has offered up a bid for wireless internet to be provided on the underground for commuters. The two main companies that have been recommended to take this up are BAI Communications and Wireless Infrastructure Group.

Data on the move

Currently London has a wireless connection at stations, this offers moments of internet and calls when the train has pulled into a station, and the aim is to provide similar connectivity for trains when on the move.

This is not a new concept as this is already being provided on underground train systems in Berlin, New York, Paris and Tokyo meaning that London has fallen behind the curve.


Not everyone is happily accepting this connectivity improvement, complaints from the Time To Log Off Organisation who want less digital exposure are suggesting that commuting should be a time away from work, emails and an escape from mobile devices.

Founder of TTLO, Tanya Goodin, elaborated on her organisations stance, “I just think we are running out of places where we can escape from our phones and from work”.

“It used to be planes were a refuge from work and now they are introducing WiFi.

“And if the Tube does as well where are the places where people can switch off.”

She ended by saying “On our commute it’s a really good idea to de-stress and detox and prepare yourself for work”.

Increase digital connectivity

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is very much keen on London increasing its digital connectivity. As a result, he is looking for someone to be chief digital officer of London in a bid to achieve this goal.

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