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BT is the first UK Telecomms/Internet Services Provider to offer an automatic 4G switchover solution if your internet goes down.

As part of announcing soon-to-be-released consumer products, BT has also introduced a new business service that utilises their mobile network to provide a backup to their broadband network.

4G Assure

Businesses in UK cities - such as London, Birmingham and Edinburgh - will be able to sign up to receive a 4G dongle that plugs directly into your router, and if your company’s broadband all of a sudden goes down, the dongle will kick into action and allow you to stay connected to the internet via a 4G connection. The service is called 4G Assure.

The dongle will check for a Broadband connection every 60 seconds, and when it has confirmed it has a stable enough broadband connection, it will switch back to it seamlessly.

No additional cost

This 4G backup service is included with any superfast and ultrafast broadband subscription, and costs only £8 with unlimited 4G data.

Managing director for SMB at BT, Mike Tomlinson, released the following statement: “We recognise that a reliable, always on broadband connection is essential for businesses. We are very excited about this new service because it combines the strengths of our fixed broadband network and the UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi signal with the most extensive 4G network in the country. This delivers a highly resilient broadband service which will keep SMEs – the backbone of the UK economy - up and running.”

BT have hinted before that they would like to link up both broadband and mobile networks in the future, but until this week they have never really went into much detail on this.

Benefits of converging networks

This is big news for companies in the UK, and will provide the following benefits:

- A built in automated failover solution will mean that if your internet connection goes down, there should be no downtime and users will continue to be able to work online
- As a result, this could save millions of pounds for your business as productivity isn’t halted
- As it is a failover solution, you should not even notice a drop in connection so you shouldn’t lose access to internet resources at inconvenient times
- BT will alert your company when your internet connection is down and help you resolve the issue

EC2 IT recommendation

We would strongly recommend implementing some form of backup connection, whether that be a 4G or another backup solution. It doesn’t cost too much to setup/subscribe to and could potentially save your company a lot of money – especially if your internet connection is down for a long time.

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